Efficiently manage your waitlist with the complete front of house system

Manage your floor & waitlist seamlessly. Quote accurate wait times, notify guests via text, and give them the best waiting experience possible.

Trusted by over 5,000 restaurants - big and small


average increase in covers during first 6 months on Yelp Waitlist


more accurate wait estimates than most hosts


of diners say they're more likely to come back to a restaurant with Yelp Waitlist

Attract more diners

Yelp Waitlist drives more diners to your restaurant by giving them the power to join your waitlist from the Yelp app.

Fill your tables.

Yelp is the #1 review site for finding restaurants. Stand out from the crowd with live wait times and a “Join The Waitlist” button.

Stay busy longer.

Guests will wait 15% longer with Yelp Waitlist—and you’ll turn tables faster than ever and extend your busy hours. That means more revenue and happier guests.

Bring back repeat diners.

Provide your guests a VIP experience that brings them back at 2x the normal rate.

See daily reports.

Daily insights help you make smarter decisions about staffing, hours, and more.

Get up and running fast.

It’s a breeze to learn. Train your staff in less than a day.

Streamline your operations

Manage your waitlist and floor all in one.

Replace laminate floor plans with an iPad. Get rid of restaurant pagers.

Increase waitlist conversions.

Our “quoted wait” algorithm learns from your business and can predict wait times nearly 2x more accurately than most hosts.


A game-changer for hospitality

With an effortless waitlist, diners walk away happy and are more likely to return.

See how it works:

From your Yelp page, diners can see how long your wait time is.

Diners can join your waitlist with the tap of a button.

We let diners know when to arrive and text them a link so they can track their place in line.


Watch our 1:09 minute video

Don’t have a dedicated host all the time? No problem.

Our waitlist kiosk is a solution for restaurants of any size.

Your kiosk is set up at the front of your restaurant for guests to easily access with or without a host.

Guests can sign up for a table with just a few taps on the tablet.

When a table is ready, guests are notified via text, allowing you to seat guests more efficiently and turn tables faster.

See how Eats increased business by 17% with Yelp Waitlist

Watch our 2:33 minute video

More guests, less stress. See it for yourself. 

Whether you’ve got one location or a hundred, Yelp Waitlist can help make your shifts smoother. Your guests will love the pain-free wait and the great hospitality your staff can provide with the time they’re saving on seating.

Find out what Yelp Waitlist can do for your restaurant. 

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